Sweden scraps plans to ease restrictions amid Covid-19 uptick

2:28 min

Sweden has put plans to ease some social-distancing recommendations on hold, but at the same time has chosen not to tighten restrictions, despite an increase in Covid-19 cases in Stockholm and elsewhere. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven made the announcement at a press conference on Thursday.

Löfven said that if the infection rate continues to increase, the government will not hesitate to impose further restrictions but he hopes that will not be necessary. If the situation improves, some restrictions may yet be eased, Löfven suggested. He once again urged people to follow the current health recommendations, and urged employers to continue letting anyone that can work from home to do so, in order to avoid Covid-19 clusters at workplaces.

At a separate press conference on Thursday afternoon, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell confirmed that there is a negative development in the epidemic in Sweden, even if the increase in cases is not as dramatic as elsewhere in Europe.

Tegnell said the uptick in cases might be explained by the fact that many are returning to their workplaces but he added that, so far, there has been no noticeable impact on the national health service.

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