Government pushes for remote working as commuter numbers increase

3:27 min

In a bid to overcome obstacles to working from home and to encourage people to stay away from offices and public transport, the government has asked the Work Environment Authority to inform employers about how to create healthy conditions for remote workers.

The Work Environment Authority has been tasked with raising awareness about the potential risks that workers face during the pandemic, particularly those employed in the healthcare sector and those who are working remotely.

The new directive comes a day after Prime Minister Stefan Löfven urged employers to help staff members work from home as the Covid-19 infection rate has increased in Stockholm and elsewhere.

New figures from Stockholm's public transport operator, SL, suggest there has been an increase in passengers in the autumn compared to the Spring and Summer.  When commuting was at its lowest level, in the first week of April, the number of turnstile passages at underground and commuter train stations in Stockholm was down by 64 percent compared to the same period last year. Last week, the number of turnstile passages was down by nearly 43 percent, compared to the same period last year.

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