Wind farm rejected in local Dalarna referendum

5:44 min

A majority of people voting in a local referendum have said no to a wind park in a hilly, forested area in Malung-Sälen municipality in Dalarna.  The local politicians have stressed that it is an advisory referendum, but can they ignore the outcome of the vote?

52 percent voted no, and just under 45 percent voted yes to the wind park, that will consist of 30 wind turbines in the Ripfjället-area, some 20 kilometres west of the town of Malung. 61 percent of those eligible to vote took part in the referendum on Sunday.

Radio Sweden spoke to Jörgen Norén, chairman of the local Social Democrat party, which is the biggest party in the local government coalition, and Arne Söderbäck, chairman of the no-campaign to hear their arguments for and against the wind park.

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