Limit of 50 people could be raised to 500 for 'seated audiences'

5:06 min

The government wants to introduce exceptions to the 50-people-limit on public gatherings, so that seated audiences of up to 500 people could be allowed, as long as they follow physical distancing guidelines. Restaurants will also be allowed to offer live entertainment.

The proposed measures were announced at a press conference on Tuesday, and come just a few days after the government had said at another press conference that it had not yet made any decision to change the rules.

Home Affairs minister Mikael Damberg and the Minister for Culture and Sports, Amanda Lind said it is important to keep following the advice from the public health authorities, and but that rules also need to be sustainable in the long run.

We have to learn to live with the virus in a responsible way. And we see that different kinds of cultural events and sports can be organised in a way that does not increase the spread of the virus,"

The changes rules for live entertainment in restaurants are supposed to be in place from October the 8, while the government hopes that the raised limit for seated audiences will apply from the 15th of October - but only as long as the spread of the coronavirus remains under control.

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