Liberals look to circumvent government on migration policy proposals

2:07 min

The Liberal Party said it would circumvent the government and take a list of proposals on immigration before parliament, a move that has angered the government's junior partner, the Greens.

The more than two dozen proposals were drawn up by a parliamentary committee made up of all 8 parties in the Riksdag. The committee was tasked last year with creating a new immigration law to replace the temporary legislation in effect now that's set to expire next summer. However, the committee failed to reach a consensus on the issue.

Normally, the Social Democrat-Green Party government would draft a bill based on the proposals, send it out for consultation and then submit it to parliament. But the Liberals feel that process is talking too long and want to have new legislation in place before the current rules expire next summer.

The Greens have been critical to many of the proposals the Liberals will move on, calling the suggestions inhumane.

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