Government cracks down on clubs, but opens up for cultural and sporting events

2:39 min

In the second of two major corona-related press conferences today, the Swedish government announced it is bringing back tougher rules for nightclubs, but at the same time says some public events can soon have larger audiences.

Nightclubs will once again only be allowed to let in 50 guests at a time, the government says, after clubs re-opened as an "unintended consequence" of recent rule changes for restaurants. Club organisers that break the rules may be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, sports events, cinemas, concerts and theatres with seated audiences will be allowed to have sitting audiences of up to 300 guests, as long as they can keep at least one metre from each other. Groups of two will be able to sit together, the government says. The current limit is 50. This change applies from November 1st, but doesn't apply to any areas with special measures in place, such as Uppsala, and in general local county authorities can always decide on tighter restrictions if they deem it necessary.

The Public Health Agency is also looking to introduce new restrictions for restaurants, with a maximum of eight people to be allowed at each table.

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