How will the new Left Party leader affect Sweden's political crisis?

5:53 min

The Left Party must soon decide whether to try to bring down the government over employment rights changes, and at the weekend Nooshi Dadgostar will be elected new leader of the party in an uncontested vote at a party conference.

The new leader who must shoulder this question is 20 years younger than the current leader Jonas Sjöstedt.

He has been in charge of this socialist party for eight years and has worked to build bridges with the Social Democrats - but his party was surprised to not get a place in the government after the last election and has vigorously opposed the compromises made by the Social Democrats with the centre-right Liberal and Center parties in areas like privatisation and labour and housing regulation.

Radio Sweden spoke to Maria Ripenberg from traditionally Centre-supporting newspaper group Hela Hälsingland and to Anna Herdy from left-wing newspaper Flamman.

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