Radio Sweden Tuesday

It’s hard to hire in skills, despite growing unemployment. In today’s program, we’ll be looking at the job market. And is the fear of a brain-drain exaggerated?It’s UNESCO’s International Mother Tongue Day but we hear from a man who wants everyone to speak English.Then this month’s edition of Timeline, focuses on the Finnish War Children: some 80,000 young people forced to leave their war ravaged home for the safety of Sweden.

Closing Music: Sebastian, ”Do What You’re Told”

Unemployment promises to be one of the major issues in the upcoming election campaigns.  And yet an international temp company says that there’s a great need for qualified staff – not only in Sweden but around the world.  For a clearer picture, our reporter Bill Schiller turned to the head of Manpower Sweden, Lars Forseth:

But according to a new report, concern over Swedish jobs moving abroad is exaggerated. George Wood has more:

Time now to hand over to Juan Navas for this month’s edition of Timeline: