Greens to consider whether to stay in government

1:58 min
  • Just minutes after Social Democrat leader Magdalena Andersson was elected prime minister, the future of her Social Democrat/Green minority coalition could be in doubt.

  • Green Party spokespeople are refusing to say whether their party will stay in the government, following an announcement by the opposition Centre Party that they will not vote for the government budget, meaning amendments by other opposition parties will likely pass and the government will have to implement a budget with policies they may not be in favour of.

  • "I am both disappointed and quite upset with the Centre Party that they first made a deal with us on things like forestry policy, but then look like acting in a way that means the possibility to carry out those policies disappears, I think it is irresponsible", the Green Party's Per Bolund says.

  • Correction: In an earlier version of the audio, we said the Centre Party had carried out budget negotiations with the minority government, this was incorrect. They have carried out negotiations on policy issues with the government, but not on the budget itself.