Shortage of authoritised court interpreters in Sweden

2:23 min
  • There's a shortage of competent court interpreters in Sweden. As recently as last year, problems around interpreting led to a retrial in a case involving an Iraqi man in Östersund.

  • Court interpreters are people who have been educated in how to do translations related to judicial matters. There are currently no court interpreters for the large Afghan language Dari, or for the largest Kurdish dialect Kurmanji, among others.

  • A case manager for the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, which is responsible for authorising interpreters, told P3 News that more education was needed.

  • In an earlier version of this story we incorrectly wrote and said that Kurmanji is the largest Kurdish language, when it is should have been Kurmanji is the largest Kurdish dialect. We have corrected this in the above article and in the audio report.