SR Media Development Office (SR MDO)

Supporting free and independent media with a passion for public service media.

Swedish Radio's Media Development Office (SR MDO) was established 1993 and is an independent department within Swedish Radio. SR MDO works with media projects aiming to strengthening the freedom of speech and democracy in the world.

The work we undertake is financed exclusively through external funds, mainly from development cooperation agencies.

SR MDO draw on the expertise and knowledge of Swedish Public Service Media as a whole (including Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and the Educational Radio/TV). Working closely with partners, we contribute to enhancing professional capacities.

SR MDO’s specialty is institutional capacity development to strengthen PSM providers where capacity building in journalism and PSM values are the core.

Our services cover a broad range of support from strategic work and mentoring at management level to on-the-job-training at operational level, always in the service of the public.

SR MDO works through custom designed projects, planned and conducted in close collegial collaboration with each partner.

By jointly identifying and tackling problems, solutions are more likely to be successfully implemented to the specific contexts

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Mattias Lundgren, Director

Mattias has been engaged in SR MDO's different international development projects since 2014. He has a background at Swedish Radio and the media sphere and has over 15 years of experience running complex development projects and programs.

In addition to the director, project managers, staff and a financial controllers are engaged for the daily operations in our projects.

Åsa Tolgraven, Project manager, Rwanda

Pernilla Jonsson, Project manager, Ukraine

For more information about possible cooperation opportunities with SR MDO, please contact us at