How the Sweden Democrats became the second biggest party

3:51 min
  • Just how the Sweden Democrats became Sweden's second biggest party at this election, enjoying support in the north of the country as well as its traditional base in the south, will be subject to future research.

  • But for now, Josefina Erikson, an associate professor in the department of government at Uppsala university says the party's success can partly be explained by the attitudes of the other parties in the right wing block which currently has a narrow lead following Sunday's inconclusive election result.

  • "Voters see them as just any party because if we look back at just one or two elections, the Sweden Democrats were seen by all parties as a party that they did not like to collaborate with and that probably influenced the voters' view of this party as well," she tells Radio Sweden.

Above you can see an interactive graph showing the results of the 2022 Swedish General Election as the votes are counted. It is constantly updated with the latest figures from Swedish news agency TT.
You can see what percentage each party has received in the districts that have counted their votes by clicking on “PROCENT”. You can also see how many MPs each party gets by clicking on ”MANDAT”. You can see how many MPs the different blocs get by clicking on ”KOALITIONER”.

The result is only final once all the 6,578 districts have completed their counts. At the top of the graph you can see how many counts are completed.

Party abbreviations:

S                   - Social Democrats
MP                - Green Party
V                   - Left Party
C                   - Centre Party
SD                 - Sweden Democrats
M                  - Moderates
KD                - Christian Democrats
L                   - Liberals