This is Swedish Radio's open API

The API may be used by digital services that link to Swedish Radio's material. It can, for example, be used to retrieve podcast streams, channel information, or other material contained in the API. Anyone may use the API provided that they comply with the terms of use.

Terms of use for Swedish Radio's open API (below “the API”)

  1. The content that is made available in the API is called “the Material”. It shall only be used via linking and/or streaming. The Material shall not be stored, downloaded, copied, or saved in any other way than as temporary copies (in accordance with Section 11a of Sweden's Copyright Act) by the service using the API. Accordingly, the Material shall not be modified in any way.

  2. Swedish Radio's linear stations shall not be used without the prior written consent of Swedish Radio. As a rule, consent shall only be given in exceptional circumstances where it is necessary for reasons of accessibility, for example where there are technical limitations that make it impossible to reach the audience in any way other than via third parties or aggregators.

  3. The Material shall be clearly attributed to Swedish Radio. Swedish Radio's trademarks may, therefore, be used such as they are in the API, i.e. together with their respective stations, programmes, podcasts, or other Material. How the trademarks are to be displayed is set out in Swedish Radio's Brand Guidelines.

  4. When the Material is used, the audience must be able to find it easily. This means that the placement of the Material in the service must not disadvantage the Material in relation to content from other content providers or the platform companies’ own material.

  5. The Material, including Swedish Radio's trademarks, shall not be used in marketing without the prior consent of Swedish Radio.

  6. Advertising shall never be directly linked to the Material.

  7. The Material may be used behind a service's paywall but shall also be made available in the service free of charge.

  8. The Material shall not be used for machine learning without the prior consent of Swedish Radio.

  9. When the API is used, Swedish Radio shall, upon request, be provided with anonymised user data generated from the usage of the material. This shall be done in line with data security and privacy regulations.

  10. The Material shall not be used in any way that risks compromising the independence or trustworthiness of Swedish Radio.

  11. These terms of use may be changed by Swedish Radio whenever necessary.

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If you would like to use the Material in another way, please contact