Yves Jacques: It is a beautiful gift for an actor

19 min
The French-Canadien actor Yves Jacques works all over the world. I met him in Paris where he performed Robert Lepage´s magic play ”Far side of the Moon”.

At theatre La Villette in Paris Yves Jacques is on stage two hours and he takes us on a fascinating journey into the lives of two brothers in Québec City. One passionate about everything about space and cosmonauts, the other a television weatherman with a big ego. Brothers with the same DNA but so different. They are only united by the death of their beloved mother. 

The music is composed by Laurie Anderson and artistic collaborator and project originator is the Swedish director Peder Bjurman.

"Far side of the Moon" premiered in Québec City in March 2000 and has since been shown in more than 45 cities all over the world. Yves Jacques has played this solo show 280 times. After the Paris-session Yves Jacques is off to do the show in Australia and New Zeeland.