Radio Sweden Weekly: Return of 'prepare for war' leaflet, Olof Palme murder, Malmedalen, and bee hotels.

22 min
Should you be stocking your basement with water, cash, and tins of ravioli?

Sweden's Civil Contingencies Agency will next week send out the leaflet 'If Crisis or War Comes' to 4.8m households for the first time since 1968.

Has Sweden's Filter Magazine finally solved the mystery of who killed Prime Minister Olof Palme, after more than 30 years? We speak to a somewhat sceptical investigative reporter.

We find out why the Swedish Nature Conservation Society is encouraging people to build their own bee hotels.

And finally, we talk to Malmö social entrepreneur Christian Glasnovic about why he's trying to set up Malmedalen, a Malmö version of the giant Swedish political festival Almedalen, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Reporters: Spenser Bomholt Fain, Nathalie Rothschild, Frank Radosevich, Loukas Christadoulou.

Producer/presenter: Richard Orange