91 min
This is an English version of the Swedish Radio show ”Vinter i P1” with Johan Rockström.

“Vinter i P1” is a well known radio show in Sweden where a person is given the freedom to talk about whatever they want and play whatever music they like.

Johan Rockström is a global environmental scientist and a diligent debater of climate issues. And he has been appointed “The most powerful environmental person” in Sweden twice.

In the program Johan Rockström says there´s a climate emergency:
- Welcome to 2020 –The year of the Moment of Truth… It´s about the future of our children – mine and yours – and their children.

“We want to give an international audience the opportunity to hear Johan Rockström´s view on global climate change. He´s a professor of Global Environmental Science and the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany – one of the most well reputed climate research institutes in the world”, says Bibi Rödöö, program manager of the Vinter series.

Producer: John Swartling.

The music in the program is abridged due to copyright reasons.