The fires hitting refugee centers

30 min
A look at a spate of fires that have hit refugee centers to find why they're happening, who's behind them and what people are doing to stop them.

This year, there have been more than 20 fire-related incidents at asylum accommodations in Sweden - from Boden, just below the arctic circle, to Arlöv, just across the sea from Denmark. Thirteen alone took place last month in October.

In many of the cases, police suspect the flames were started deliberately. So far no one's been arrested. But ever since the arson attacks picked up pace in mid-October, security has been a top concern for the authorities.

After a fire in Danderyd and another arson attack at a planned refugee center in southern Sweden, the Swedish Migration Agency decided that it was no longer safe to have a public list of addresses of its planned and established refugee housing. The agency is also placing stricter rules on visits to places where asylum seekers are living.

It's hard to say for sure if the measures are working but the string of suspicious fires tapered off at the end of October.