It's year 2100. Are there crocodiles in Sweden?

29 min
Travel into the future with Radio Sweden to find out how the country could change as the global temperature rises.

As world leaders meet in Paris to find a way to keep climate change under control, we wind the clock forward...

To help us imagine how the area around Stockholm City Hall - and beyond, might look 85 years from now, we take a stroll with Dr. Henrik Carlsen, a senior research fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute

Then you'll hear from the leaders of tomorrow, as Francesca and Autumn, two kids in town for a climate conference of their own, who talk about what action they believe is key to keeping the planet in good shape.

Visit a lab aiming to produce next-generation fuel with the help of bacteria, and find out what the head of the research group, Dr. Paul Hudson's, thinks of when he sees the color green. 

And finally, meteorologist Martin Hedberg gives the weather forecast for December 10th, ... 2100.

Music credit: 808 and Moog Out (Podington Bear) / CC BY-NC 3.0

Program produced and presented by Brett Ascarelli.