Greens' drama, vague terror threats, King's 70th, how to enjoy taxes

28 min
Who will the Green Party choose to lead it out of crisis? How do terror-threat warnings affect the psyche? How many will celebrate the King's birthday? And why one American loves paying Swedish taxes.

In this episode of Radio Sweden Weekly, we continue following the drama of the Green Party after spokespersons Åsa Romson and Gustav Fridolin announced they are willing to step aside, depending on what's decided at the Greens' upcoming congress.

This week, media reported that the Swedish security service Säpo had received information about a possible terrorist attack. Säpo said they'd gotten information that they couldn't dismiss, but wouldn't go into any details. We take a look at the psychological effect that reading vague information about possible terrorist threats can have.

We also host a debate between a republican and a royalist, as the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf celebrates his 70th birthday.

And, with the last day to declare taxes in Sweden coming up on May 2nd, we find out why one American is so excited about the Swedish way of filing.

Guests: Henrik Torehammar, Filip Arnberg, Magnus Simonsson, Sara Skyttedal, Thomas Heberlein. Producer / presenter: Brett Ascarelli.