Home of Sweden's first pizza? A special program about foreign workers in Västerås

26 min
An hour west of Stockholm, Västerås profiles itself as a municipality with a long history of innovation and tech. In this special program, find out about foreign-born workers there, past & present.

Västerås claims to be the first place in Sweden where pizza was served, thanks to Italian immigrants who moved there after World War II to work at the electrical company, Asea. Salvatore Macri, who's a chef, and others describe what it was like to move here back then.

And the municipality still attracts talent from abroad to work in innovation and tech. Engineer Alireza Nami relates his experience being recruited to work for ABB, the biggest private employer in the municipality, while job-seeker Carla Kisso and job coach Åke Larsson give us an idea of the challenges of looking for work in Västerås as a refugee.

We also talk about jobs with the mayor, Anders Teljebäck, and the labor market strategist for the municipality, Ylva Wretås.

And then we hear from homegrown talent at one of the high schools while we explore the question of whether the municipality might be too dependent on the economic success of one company.

Reporters: Dave Russell, Ulla Engberg, Nathalie Rothschild and Frank Radosevich. Producer: Brett Ascarelli.