A view of the main hall of the parliament showing where all the lawmakers sit.

A series of short introductions to the eight parties in parliament

With less than a year and a half to the next election, in September 2022, we present very short explainers about each of the eight parties that hold seats in parliament, the Riksdag.

As of the publishing date in April 2021 the parties are grouped into two blocks:

The Moderate Party leads the oppostion, and aims to form a government with the Christian Democrats and the Liberals. They need the support of the Sweden Democrat party, which demands influence in keeping with its size, although it is unlikely to actually sit in government.

The current government is the Social Democrats and Greens. If they do well in the election they are likely to be joined in government by the Center party. They will need the support of the Left party, although they would prefer to keep it out of government.