Gesa är på bilden med en dator
Gesa became suspicious and never sent any money to the scammer. Foto: Lars-Peter Hielle/P4 Kronoberg

Student union warns foreign students of scammers

Gesa about the scammer: It´s disturbing because everyone is desperate to get housing
2:04 min

An unknown scammer has cheated at least three foreign students who are starting their studies at Linnaeus University this autumn. They have reported a loss of 6000 to 10000 SEK to the police. Now the student union Linnéstudenterna warn the students of the scams.  

Gesa was one of students who had contact with the suspected scammer. But she was suspicious and never did a deposition to the persons bank account.

– I had a bad feeling as the person did not respond my question about were he or she got my email-address from, says Gesa.

Have you been scammed? Contact the police. +46 11414

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