14.12.06 Stockholm, Sweden.

Smogg torsdag 14 december 2006

Hejsan, Radio Listeners all over the Globe.
Or maybe I should say on this little planet. The 3d from the sun.
You might think it stupid not to write in my own language (which is called Swedish) and understood by at least about 10 million people.
Give or take a few thousand.
But I understand this site has visitors from far
away places. Since my knowledge of Tagalog is very restricted I prefer this language.
At least for the next decade. After that we have to wait and see.
The world will belong to Asia very soon.
China or India - it?s hard to tell.
But our English speaking days are soon over.
It’s hard to find a crash course in Chinese.
English it is. For now. For this Thursday with
Christmas looming at the horizon.
This site is the official platform for ELDORADO -
the only radio show on the Planet/ Globe /Earth
that utilizes all forms of sound.
We sing the Earth Body Electric. Using soundclips from Paris, Tokyo, Italy, Iceland and sometimes even Sweden.

Listen to the text-sound-pioneer Åke Hodell as well as fragments from a Swedish cd  found in a book promoting an exhibitition of a local art gallery here in Sweden.
There will also be some chunks of shimmering
golden sounds from The Beatles, Walter Wanderly,  
Raymond Scott -another sound pioneer, Charles Wright from the Soul Section of popular music,
David Toop -sound and music commentator extra-ordinaire and the wonderful new voice of Joanna Newsom.
All mixed together and built into a sound sculpture.

Oh , I almost forgot Badi Assad - here in an English  song written by Tori Amos.
Extra bonus sounds are added. When you least expect it.
The dark voice belongs to me, Kjell Alinge, and sound designer as always is Tomas Birnik.
Put on your XXXL Ears and listen carefully. Our broadcast starts 10.30 pm CET. This keeps going on til’ Midnight.
From there on you can revisit the broadcast and check it out as many times as you want. All programs are stored online for 30 days.
Take care and send me your invaluable records.
The adress is:

Kjell Alinge
Sveriges Radio
105 10  Stockholm

Let’s keep in touch.

KJELL ALINGE - Radio Cinema Producer at large.

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