The four Pirate Bay defendents, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Carl Lundström, Fredrik Neij and Peter Sundholm Kolmisoppi, with their defence lawyers<br>

Pirate Bay Claims Partial Victory

On the second day of the major file-sharing trial, Pirate Bay supporters are hailing a partial victory.

Prosecuter Håkan Roswall has decided not to press on with the charge of aiding the copying of material but to soften it to simply reproducing torrent files.

Defence lawyer Per E Samuelson says that this development is amazing - and that this means that the defence has already achieved half their aims.

The Pirate Bay is the biggest collection of torrent files on the internet - files that put file sharers in touch with each other. Media companies say this makes the Pirate Bay a hub for copyright theft.

But the defence said on Tuesday that the police and the media companies do not understand the technology - and none of the downloaded films or games they mention can be directly linked to the Pirate Bay itself.

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