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Europe’s Biggest Wind Farm Planned For Sweden

Europe’s biggest wind farm will be built in Sweden if the government gives its blessing. The farm, located west of the northern town of Piteå, would contain over a thousand giant wind turbines.

It was given planning permission by the local county planning board in Norrbotten. A delegation of environmental assessors visited the area and gave their recommendation that the Swedish government give Markbygden Vind AB a permit for the project, which could cost 6.9 billlion US dollars.

”This would be Europe’s, if not the world’s, biggest wind farm,” Caj Noren, a spokesman for the Norrbotten administrative board, told AFP. He said building work could commence inside three hyears and would be completed after a decade.

The turbines would have a maximum height of 200 metres and would generate enough electricity alone to meet Sweden’s 2015 wind power target of ten terawatt hours per hour.