Annika Östberg

Annika Östberg back in Sweden

This morning the 55 year old Swedish citizen Annika Östberg arrived back in Sweden after 28 years in an American prison.

Annika Östberg is one of Sweden’s most well known prisoners having spent half her life in jail in America, serving a sentence between 25 years and life for her part in two murders, including that of a policeman, which were carried out in California in the early eighties.

Up until Östberg’s arrival this morning, the details around the date of her release were still shrouded in mystery and the media could only speculate. Hear a talk with Radio Sweden’s Dave Russell from yesterday:

Upon her arrival in Sweden Östberg was taken straight to Hinseberg women’s prison. According to Swedish Minister for Justice Beatrice Ask, there are no conditions stipulated by the US conneceted to her release. How long she will remain in Swedish prison is still not known.

Annika Östberg was sentenced to between 25 years to life imprisonment for her role in the murder of a restaurant owner and a police officer in California in 1981.

Only last September, Östberg had her request for parole turned down for a fourth time. 

More on this later (RM)