Police break up a counter demonstration against the Sweden Democrats

Most Attacks Against Sweden Democrats

The Swedish Radio program “Kaliber” reports that the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are more exposed to threats and violence than members of any other political party here.

The Sweden Democrats hold seats on many of Sweden’s local councils, and in the polls they are hovering around the 4 percent threshold for representation in parliament.

According to “Kalibur” Sweden Democrat politicians have been targets at least 35 times over the part 3 years. The attacks include rocks thrown through windows, axes thrust into doors, and vandalized cars. Many of those who have been targeted have subsequently quit political activities.

On several occasions the anti-fascist group AFA has taken responsibility for attacks on Sweden Democrats. AFA also often organizes counter-demonstrations during Sweden Democrat rallies.

The radio program, which has followed the anti-immigrant party closely, recently reported on how during the conference on a Baltic ferry party youth leaders broke into the cabin of a reporter and apparently stole her recording equipment.

The Sweden Democrats oppose a multi-cultural society and as recently as 2005 called for a ban on the building of mosques in Sweden.

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