Little Interest in Politicians’ Blogs

The newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” reports that there’s virtually no interest in the blogs of Swedish members of parliament.

According to the newspaper, during the month of March 83 of the 349 Sweden MPs blogged. Fifty-one of those blogs failed to attract 10 comments during the entire month, and 31 had no comments at all.

The least interest was in blogs from members of the Christian Democrat party, one of the four parties in the government coalition. During the month the six Christian Democrat blogs attracted only 4 comments.

The most popular blogs were from a conservative Moderate and a Social Democrat who debated against each other on the website of the tabloid newspaper “Expressen”. They both attracted more than 800 comments each. The next most popular blog, from a MP representing the Center Party, also part of the government coalition, had only 170 comments during the month.