Pirate Party leader Rick Falkvinge at the Stockholm demo
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Pirate Bay Case To Affect Election?

Friday’s judgement against the 4 men behind the Pirate Bay file-sharing website could have an influence on the upcoming EU elections, according to Swedish political analysts.

The small Pirate Party says it has seen its membership rocket to over 21 000 members since the court’s decision, and experts say the low turnout in the elections to the European Parliament could mean that the party might make it over the 4% threshold to get a Swedish seat in the assembly.

Only 27% of first time voters casted their ballot in the last election, and with feelings running high over the file-sharing issue, the party is hoping to mobilise young voters out from behind their computers and to the polling stations.

Speaking to Swedish news agency TT, Ulf Bjereld from the University of Gothenburg says file-sharing can be seen as a grassroots issue, just like the environment was in the 1980’s, and something that the more established parties will soon start to catch on to, in order to attract new voters.

Meanwhile, thousands of supporters of the Pirate Bay took to the streets of Stockholm Saturday to protest against the Stockholm Court’s judgement.

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