Polls Good Reading For Government

The government and the opposition are neck and neck in the latest batch of opinion polls, released today. With the EU elections just 6 weeks away, the polling institute SIFO has the four-party centre-right government alliance on 47.3%, whilst the red-green opposition parties are just in the lead with 48.5%. However, in its latest poll rival institute SKOP gives the government a lead of 5.1%.

The figures confirm recent trends which have seen the government claw back the opposition’s lead in the polls, which was in double figures as recently as October.

The SIFO poll also looked at regional differences in party support, with support for the government strongest in Sweden’s main cities. The centre-right parties have a lead of over 13% over the Social Democrats, Greens and Left Party in Stockholm, for example.

Sweden goes to the polls in the EU Elections on June 7th.