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Three Parties to Buy TV Ads

Three of the four parties in the Swedish center-right government have now decided to pay for political TV commercials for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament.

Sweden’s only terrestrial commercial television station TV4 decided to start selling political advertising after its licence agreement was changed when it began digital broadcasting. There have never been political TV ads in Sweden before, and critics have charged they could turn the election into an American-style mudslinging contest.

By Tuesday the conservative Moderates, Liberals, and Christian Democrats had announced they would be taking advantage of the opportunity. The fourth party in the coalition, the Center, has no plans for TV commercials, but has not rejected the idea completely.

The opposition Social Democrat, Left and Green parties all have criticised the move. The Social Democrats’ party secretary has called on the conservative Moderates to reveal their secret donors, who’s contributions will be paying for the ads.

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