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’Pirate Bay Trial Should Be Re-run’

The judge in the pirate bay was unsuitable and should have been replaced. That’s the opinion of several experts.

An investigation by Swedish public radio shows that the judge in the Pirate Bay trial has been a member of several pro-copyright associations, rendering him unfit to preside over the trial, which hinged on accusations of copyright infringement.

Judge Tomas Norström is a member of the Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property, and the Swedish Copyright Association, among others. He strongly denies that this influenced his decision in any way.

Now the Pirate Party is demanding that the trial be re-run with a different judge. Party leader Rick Falkvinge says that this is a case of inexcusable corruption and perversion of justice. Not only did judge Tomas Norström work for a foundation that also employed one of the representatives of the film business, but one of the investigating police officers involved in the trial went on to work for one of the companies involved before the trial was even over.

Sweden’s former Ombudsmen of Justice, Rune Lavin, says that he himself would not have taken the case in this situation and it is clear that Judge Tomas Norström should not have done so either.


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