All of SR International’s Programs on One Channel in Stockholm

Swedish Radio’s Stockholm channels are changing schedules on May 11. For SR International’s Stockholm listeners, this means that all programming in minority and immigrant languages that are currently broadcast on the P2 network will be moving to P6 on 89.6 MHz.

English language listeners nationwide will be affected as the program ”Inside Sweden” on Fridays changes time from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. In Stockholm ”Inside Sweden” will switch from P2 to P6 89.6 MHz.

P6 will be the channel for programs in languages other than Swedish while P2 in Stockholm will be an all-music channel. Those who want to listen to non-Swedish programming in Stockholm will no longer have to switch channels, as everything will be on the same frequency of 89.6 MHz.

For the first time SR International’s programs in Belarusian will be carried on FM.

Programs in Finnish, Meänkieli, and Sami as well as programming from the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company will also be available on P6. The schedule will be complemented by music from the SR Världen channel.

“It’s been annoying for those who want to hear programs in their native languages having to switch channels,” says Channel Supervisor Elle-Kari Höjeberg. “By bringing all the different language services for Stockholm to P6, and making P2 a purely music channel, we’re creating a clarity that benefits all of our listeners.”

For those who prefer alternatives to FM radio, P6 programming is also available on-demand online.

Note: These changes apply only to our Stockholm transmitters. Outside of Stockholm, programs in minority and immigrant languages, as well as from Swedish Educational Broadcasting, continue on the national P2 network.

For more information contact:

Elle-Kari Höjeberg, Channel Supervisor P2, tel. 08-784 4867
Ingemar Löfgren, head of SR International, tel. 08-784 7200

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