EU parliament election

Government Parties Split over Euro

Saturday saw four Swedish political parties kick off their campaigns for the June 7 elections to the European Parliament. A clear split emerged among the parties in the center-right coalition government.

Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund announced that his party wants a new referendum on Sweden adopting the euro. He was echoed by Jan Björklund, head of the Liberals, who have already come out in favor of a new referendum.

But Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, whose conservative Moderates are by far the largest party in the coalition, rejected the suggestion. Reinfeldt says the timing is wrong and the issue is not one for the EU election. Instead the conservative Moderates have taken up climate change, jobs, the financial crisis and the fight against organized from as their campaign issues.

The fourth party in the coalition, the Center Party, said Saturday that it isn’t in favor of a new referendum, but called for a new study into the possible effects of adopting the single currency.