EU elections II

EU Salaries Cause Embarrassment

Sweden’s top candidates for the European Parliament elections agree that the EU salaries are on a level that is hard to accept by average citizens. In a panel debate aired by commercial TV 4 the leading nominees of the seven parties represented in the Swedish parliament and the June List’s candidate approved of the term ‘rather juicy’ chosen by the program host to describe the monthly pay of almost 20,000 dollars for members of the Strasbourg parliament. Referring to this, Left Party member Eva-Britt Svensson reminded the candidates of two of the coalition parties, the Conservatives and the Center, that they themselves had voted for these high salaries.

New opinion polls indicate that with two weeks to go to the EU elections the Conservatives are losing ground. Their support has shrunk to roughly 25 percent, while the opposition leader, the Social Democrats can count on 30 percent or more. The polls show massive gains for the Pirate Party and its opposition against personal privacy infringements. There are bottom ratings for the right-wing Sweden Democrats and the EU-critic June List with a maximum of 2 percent each.   

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