Expressen Apologizes to Lundby-Wedin

Tabloid Expressen has apologized to the head of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation Wanja Lundby-Wedin for wrongly claiming that a photo that was published on the front page of the paper’s Monday edition depicted her. In fact, the photo shows another woman who does not have any connection with Lundby-Wedin at all.

The paper had gone on maintaining that Lundby-Wedin did not want to answer critical questions of reporters about a business trip to Italy on which she was accompanied by her husband. According to an earlier Expressen story, Lundby-Wedin’s husband’s stay in Italy was paid for with money of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation.  Expressen’s editor-in-chief Thomas Mattson called Monday’s publishing of the wrong photo “inexcusable sloppiness”. Mattson also apologized to the woman who was wrongly described as Wanja Lundby-Wedin. (ah)

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