Blood Crisis At Hospital

One of Sweden's leading hospitals has sent out a nationwide plea for more blood as an acute shortage forced doctors to put some operations on hold. But blood supplies are running low around the country.

Uppsala University Hospital is Sweden's oldest university hospital but remains one of the country's most up to date and complete regional centres of excellence with over 40 departments. However an acute shortage of blood there has led to a crisis with several operations postponed, an occurance not seen for several years. Managers at the hospital on Tuesday were scouring the country for more supplies.

However immunology and transfusion physician Johan Rönnelid said that supplies are short all over Sweden. He told Swedish Radio that while obviously hoping to solve the crisis as quickly as possible, the acute shortage was down to the advances in medical science that needed larger amounts of blood.

While low levels of blood supplies are common in the summer months when swedes go on holiday, he said it was unusual to have such a low amount in early May. 

Asked what they could do in the short term, Johan Rönnelid said that they were receiving supplies by taxi from remote areas as well as increasing the number of blood bank busses as well as appealing to all donors, particularly with groups O and B to get in touch.

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