Victoria: "Westling Feeling Better"

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria says it has been frustrating being in Greenland on a climate change fact-finding expedition while her fiancé has been in a Stockholm hospital following a kidney transplant, but says there is nothing she could have done at home any way. She adds that she has been in close telephone contact with Daniel Westling and that he is feeling better.

Westling has suffered from a congenital, but not inherited, disease causing impaired renal function, and had a kidney transplant operation on Wednesday. The kidney was from his father, who is also said to be doing well following the operation.

According to Swedish news agency TT, Daniel Westling has been on a dialysis machine over the past few weeks, with the transplant deemed necessary. Crown Princess Victoria, on the other hand, has been booked on the trip to Greenland together with the Crown Princes and Princesses from the other Nordic Royal families for months, and couldn't cancel, even though she may have wanted to, according to TT.

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