Swedish ID Again Possible for Foreigners

From the first of June it is again possible for members of the European Union as well as asylumseekers who live in Sweden to get a Swedish ID-card issued. This will be welcomed by many of those living here who do not have a Swedish passport, since a Swedish ID often is required to identify yourself at the bank, or collect a parcel you have received by mail.

Up until May last year, ID-cards were issued by a remnant of the former state-owned Post Office, but trouble began when the authority to issue ID-cards were moved to the Police, who only issues ID-cards to Swedish citizens.

But now, EU-members and asylumseekers living in Sweden - as well as people whose employer can certify that they have worked here for at least a year - can apply for an ID-card from the Swedish Tax Office.

You have to apply in person at one of the 23 ID-card issuing tax offices around the country. With the amount of people who have been waiting for this possibility, the Tax Office is expecting a lot of applications from day one. So if it is not urgent, people are adviced to wait a little before they apply.

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