Package of Cocaine Floated Ashore

One kilo of cocaine with a street value of over $ 120,000 floated ashore by Grebbestad on the Swedish west coast. It was carefully wrapped in package and found by a man out on a walk.

"He opened it, saw that it contained white powder, and called the police," says Tord Lindström at the Police's regional drug squad in Trollhättan to the news agency TT.

It happened a few weeks ago, and the Swedish Coastal Guards has been helping the Police to look for more parcels. A similar find has occurred on the Danish coast, but it is not known if it was part of the same shipment.

Last year, the Swedish Customs found 21 kilos of cocaine at 77 different occasions. During the same period, a much higher quantity of amfetamin was confiscated, almost 200 kilos found at 130 different occasions.