Midsummer Violence, Traffic Accidents

Updated 17:17

The traditional Midsummer festivities have been held around Sweden, with parents and children dancing around Midsummer poles to the sounds of folk music.

The holiday has also seen the usual drunkenness, violence, and traffic accidents.

A 21 year old man was knifed to death during a fight between youth gangs at a campsite on the island of Öland. Two men and a woman suffered minor knife injuries. Around 30 people were involved in the altercation.

Otherwise the holiday was calm, unusually calm, the police say, in the provinces of Dalarna and Västmanland, apparently to some extent because of the poor weather.

At least four people have died in Midsummer traffic accidents, two were teenagers and one was aged 20. On the average, between 7 and 8 people die every year in Midsummer traffic accidents here.

There were at least 50 people detained by the police for drunkenness in Västergötaland, and at least 17 in Norrbotten. A man in Kiruna was taken into custody after threatening his former girlfriend's new boyfriend with a gun.

The front page of "Aftonbladet" has a photo of a suspected robber in Karlstad pulling a pistol on the police, before he was overpowered.