Swine Flu

Largest Swedish Order of Flu Vaccine

18 million doses of vaccine – that’s how the Swedes plan to protect themselves from Swine flu – or the novel flu as it is also called. The largest order of flu vaccine in the history of Swedish disease prevention will be despatched to pharmaceutical giant Glaxo SmithKline on Monday. But there is a worry among the experts that many Swedes will refuse the vaccine.

The concern is due to the Swedes’ annually recurring reluctance to follow recommendations of the authorities and get vaccinated against influenza – even though all citizens over 65 are urged to do so. According to Swedish news agency TT, the relatively mild symptoms of the Swedish Swine flu cases may cause many Swedes to decline the vaccine, if it is not made mandatory.

Mia Brytting, of the Swedish Institute of Infectious Disease control, told news agency TT that it is key to explain why it is important to get vaccinated.

“Having the vaccine means you decrease the risk of giving the disease to the weakest – to the very young or very old,” she said to TT.