Government Suggestions for Possible Victims of Arranged Marriage Criticized

It's ten year's to the day since Pela Atroshi, a 19 year old woman living in Sweden was murdered by her father and uncles whilst on holiday in her homeland of Kurdistan. She had feared that she was going there to be forced into an arranged marriage, but instead she was killed for living her life in a western style back in Sweden and therefore destroying the family's honour.

As memorial services take place to honour her memory, the Swedish Foreign Ministry has moved to tackle one aspect of the honour culture by helping young women with a foreign background who fear being forced into an arranged marriage abroad. They say the girls should take two copies of their passport, two mobile phones, and memorize a list of important Swedish phone numbers.

But critics say that it isn't enough. Radio Sweden spoke to Inga Stark from the Never Forget Pela and Fadime organisation, she said: "It's good advice, on paper. But there are countries with no Swedish embassy, and how should the girls, or boys, no older than 15 or 16, get another passport, or afford another mobile. It isn't easy."