New findings: Wallenberg May Have Saved Even More Jews

Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg may have saved more Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust than earlier believed. Research by Swedish author Georg Sessler in his native Budapest indicates that Wallenberg managed to issue Swedish passports to 7,000 Jews threatened by deportation to Nazi death camps.

Up until now a number of under 4,000 protective passes had been found in official records. Georg Sessler, working under the auspices of the Swedish foreign ministry, has now discovered new lists in Hungarian government archives with additional names of saved Jews.

Wallenberg served as first secretary at the Swedish legation in Budapest from July 1944 and was abducted by advancing Soviet troops in January 1945. His fate in Soviet captivity has never been officially revealed, but in 1957 Moscow announced that the Swedish diplomat had died ten years earlier in prison of a heart attack.   

Radio Sweden's Klaus Heilbronner spoke to Georg Sessler to find out more.