Airport Hires Live Scarecrow

Malmö Airport is experiencing an increasing problem with birds colliding with the airplanes. Therefore the airport has hired a "live scarecrow" for the summer - a person employed to scare the birds away.

Last year there were 40 collisions between airplanes and birds at the airport. That is three times as many as the year before, Swedish Radio's local radio reports. Birds that come into the airplane turbines can in the worst case scenario cause a crash.

The airport has now hired an ornithologist who will map birds in the area, and where they tend to eat and drink. The "live scarecrow" for his part is employed only for the summer season. He has green laser and squib to help him in his job, but tells Swedish Radio that by now, it often helps to just drive the car to where the birds are, since they know there will be a bang.