World Record in Recycling

For the second year in a row, Sweden leads the world in recycling cans and bottles. But, the TT news agency points out, the record is partly due to our Norwegian neighbors.

Last year Swedes returned 1.44 billion deposit cans and bottles. Best was the municipality of Strömstad, where during 2008 there was an average of 1017 returned cans and bottles for every resident. That’s twice as many as the next best town.

But Strömstad is on the Norwegian border and the town is inundated with Norwegians crossing over to buy alcohol and other products that are much cheaper on the Swedish side. It is apparently their good habits that make Strömstad the leaders in recycling.

Last year 88 percent of the bottles and cans sold in Sweden were recycled, and the government’s goal is to get that to 90 percent.