Reinfeldt Optimistic After First G8-day

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt welcomes that the G8 has agreed to limit the global warming to two degrees by 2050.

"I want to emphasise how important this is, because if you say that you want to limit the carbon emissions so that the global warming stops at two degrees, then you have in reality said that the most developed world as well as the developing countries together have to make big commitments," Fredrik Reinfeldt told Swedish Radio at the G8-meeting on Wednesday.

Sweden currently holds the rotating presidency of the European Union and Reinfeldt is representing the EU at the G8 meeting in Italy.

Swedish news agency TT reported that Reinfeldt was upbeat at the informal gathering with the Swedish media on Wednesday evening. He praised the changes in the American position on environmental issues, that have come with the new president.

But many difficulties remain. The agreement on targets for 2050 is one thing, but so far, the EU is struggling to get the world to agree on benchmark-targets for 2020. With over 40 years to go till the agreed target-year, the current world leaders could be pushing the problem over to future generations. "To be honest, most of today's politicians will not be around by then," Reinfeldt told TT.

Speaking to Reuters news agency, Prime Minister Reinfeldt said that the United States and the European Union are interested in exploring ways to link carbon trading markets.

Reinfeldt told Reuters that he talked with President Obama about the American cap and trade system for carbon. Reinfeldt says there was interest in linking the American system with those of the EU, and other nations.

The European Union has a carbon market, for industrial emissions of carbon dioxide, and Obama favours carbon trading for the United States.