Lack of Student Accommodation in Larger Cities

Student numbers in Stockholm and other big Swedish cities are swelling, but housing is not keeping pace and student organisations are sounding the alarm.

According to Nicke Grundberg, President of the Federation of Stockholm Student Unions, many new students will have a problem finding a place to live.

"The city needs to do more in regards to building more student housing", Grundberg said.

In other big Swedish cities, like Gothenburg, the waiting time for student housing has also lengthened to around a year, but the situation is far better in the smaller towns. Gudrun Paulsdottir, head of student affairs for Mälardalen university, which is based in the towns of Västerås and Eskilstuna, says that they are able to guarantuee 100% of students who apply for housing within one month.

Radio Sweden's Lukas Christodoulou has the report.