Thousands of Swedish Children in Hiding

A study from the Swedish Children’s Welfare Foundation shows that more than 4000 children in Sweden are forced to live in hiding, with protected identity.

On Monday, the foundation wrote in a Swedish Newspaper that authorities today display a lack of knowledge of the conditions under which these children are living – conditions they claim are completely against the United Nations’ Child Convention.

In the article in Monday's Svenska Dagbladet, the foundation demands that the government improve the situation for these kids. Among other things they want the children’s personal information to be regulated by law the same way that visiting rights are today and that the threat assessment should be dealt with by the Police, the Social Services and psychiatrists.

That would mean that the person who is a threat to the child would have to stay away instead of the threatened child having to live in hiding.

The foundation also calls for better statistical information on these kids and that they be met by staff who are appropriately qualified to deal with their cases.