Higher Income Makes Pensioners Drink

A growing number of female pensioners are developing a drinking problem. New figures from the National Board on Health and Welfare show that compared to ten years ago there are now twice as many retired women treated in hospitals for alcohol poisoning.

Female alcoholism rarely receives as much attention and resources as the male problem. But for older women who are alcoholics the problems may be severe as the drinking interferes with medicines causing many to find it hard to cope on their own.

According to  the National Institute for Public Health, a higher income among pensioners is what's behind the gloomy development . Also the lifestyle of those that are retiring now is different from that of earlier generations - and it involves more drinking than ever before.

"It's a generation effect where the babyboomers are now reaching retirement age - and they have always drunk a lot more than those born in the 20's and 30's and so on," Sven Andréasson, of the Institute, told Swedish Radio News.